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I was hired by DesignIt to help craft a script for a 90 second animated video to be shown as part of a wider, day-long pitch to top Citibank executives for a Trade Finance Digitisation contract.

I got to grips with the complex (and then-unfamiliar) subject matter of Trade Finance fast - something that was essential due to tight timeframes and budget. The project involved an enormous amount of direct, high-level stakeholder management via daily conference calls and email- communicating the creative prerogative in a tangible, appealing way while also respecting the expertise and drivers of the execs on the other end of the line. In addition to this I distilled down hundreds of pages of text and data to get to the core messages of what WiPro wanted to say to Citibank, working closely with the animation team to ensure the resulting wording and visuals were seamless. Feedback from the client was excellent. 

Animation available on request.

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