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R house - saudi arabia

Capture 014 - R House - Working space in

R House is a brand new, high-end, co-working concept based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I was hired to help the founders shape the tone of voice for R House and come up with names and copy for the different membership categories and the wider website.

As well as multiple one-on-one meetings with the clients involving a lot of research, advisory and idea exploration, I also worked closely with the creative agencies behind the brand and website design, ensuring copy was placed and tailored properly to ensure a smooth user experience. 

I also sourced and curated images and created captions for an RHouse instagram feed with a heavy focus on contemporary art, architecture and fashion. 

RHouse Instagram Curation.png
RHouse Instagram
RHouse Instagram 2
Capture 013 - R HOUSE - Space - rhouse.c
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