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An all-natural, deliciously dry botanical soda, Lurvill's Delight was originally established in 1896 by twin brothers Harold and Iolo Lewis, residents of Ynyshir, Wales. The drink was restored to its former glory in 2016 - quickly gaining popularity (particularly in its native community, Wales) as an alcohol- free, adult soft drink.


I began working with Lurvill’s in September 2017 helping them to develop their brand identity, tone of voice, taglines, social media copy, aesthetic and content creation, packaging design, brand copy, menus, press releases, training documents, tasting notes, brochures and more.

Combined with my work with start-up F&B brand Nonsuch Shrubs, this experience has given me a current and in-depth knowledge of the food and drinks industry, particularly the rise of no and low alcohol as a cultural and social trend as well as the importance of sustainability and provenance and the rise of health-driven consumerism. Through this work I’ve become familiar with wider drinks and food trends, new-to-market products and the competition and approach of fellow food and drink start-ups.

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